Friday, October 24, 2014

OIS for Curved Sensor

While Sony is commercializing its first curved sensors, Microsoft applies for a patent US20140301728 "Anti-shake correction system for curved optical sensor" by Brian Guenter and Neel Joshi, a continuation of a similarly named granted patent US8699868. The main idea is that the curved sensor or lens need to be rotated with respect to each other, rather than shifted like in a regular flat sensor OIS:


  1. Isn't this obvious?

    If the camera shakes then move the sensor about the focal plane to compensate.

    If that focal plane is flat (a flat sensor) then translate the sensor.

    If the focal plane is curved (on a sphere) then rotate about the center of the sphere?

  2. aren't most (65% ?) patents for 'obvious' things?


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