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IISW 2015 Call for Papers

2015 International Image Sensor Workshop (IISW) to be held in Vaals, The Netherlands on 8-11 June, 2015 calls for papers:

The 2015 International Image Sensor Workshop will provide an opportunity to present innovative work in the area of Solid-State Image Sensors and share new results with the Imaging community. The workshop is intended for image sensor technologists and has limited attendance. As in the previous years, the workshop will emphasize active interaction and encourage exchange of information among the workshop participants in an informal and open atmosphere at a great venue. The scope of the workshop includes all aspects of electronic image sensor design and development. In addition to regular papers, the workshop will include invited talks, poster presentations and the announcement of the Walter Kosonocky Award winner.

Papers on the following topics are solicited:

Image Sensor Design and Performance
  • CMOS Imagers, CCD Imagers, CID Imagers,
  • APD arrays sensors.
  • New and disruptive architectures
  • Global shutter Image sensors
  • Low noise readout circuitry, ADC designs
  • Single Photon sensitivity sensors
  • High frame rate image sensors,
  • High Dynamic Range sensors,
  • Low voltage and low power imagers
  • High image quality. Low noise. High sensitivity. Improved color reproduction.
  • Non-standard color patterns with special digital processing
  • Imaging System-on-a-chip , On-Chip image processing

Pixels and Image Sensor Device Physics
  • New devices and pixel structures.
  • Advanced materials.
  • Ultra miniaturized pixels development, testing, and characterization
  • New device physics and phenomena
  • Electron Multiplication pixels
  • Techniques for increasing QE, well capacity,
  • reducing crosstalk, and improving angular response
  • Front side illuminated and back side illuminated pixels and pixel arrays
  • Pixel simulation: Optical and Electrical simulation,
  • 2D and 3D, CAD for design and simulation.
  • Improved models.

Application Specific Imagers
  • Image sensors and pixels for range sensing: TOF, RGBZ, Structured light, stereo Imaging, etc.
  • Image sensors with enhanced spectral sensitivity (NIR, UV, IR)
  • Sensors for DSC, DSLR, Mobile, digital video camera and mirror-less cameras
  • Array Imagers and sensors for Multi-Aperture imaging and Computational Imaging
  • Sensors for medical applications, microbiology, genome sequencing
  • High energy photon and particle sensors (X-ray, Radiation).
  • Line arrays, TDI, Very large format imagers
  • Multi and hyperspectral imagers
  • Polarization Sensitive imagers

Image sensor manufacturing and testing
  • New manufacturing techniques.
  • Backside thinning
  • Stacked imagers, 3D integration,
  • Advanced optical path, Color filters, Microlens,
  • Light guide
  • Nanotechnologies for Imaging
  • Wafer level cameras. Packaging and Testing
  • Reliability. Yield. Cost.
  • Defects. Leakage current.
  • Radiation damages and radiation hard imagers

Submission of papers:

Abstracts should be submitted electronically to the Technical Program Chair, Pierre Magnan ( ) by January 23, 2015.
An abstract should consist of a single page of text with up to two pages of illustration, and includeauthors’ name(s) and affiliation, mailing address, telephone and e-mail address.
The electronic file with abstract should be prepared in .pdf format. The name of the file should be the last name of presenter.
Abstracts will be considered on the basis of originality and quality. High quality papers on work in progress are also welcome.
Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their abstract by February 28, 2015
Final-form paper submission date is April 17, 2015.

IISW 2015 location

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