Friday, March 13, 2015

CMOSIS is One of the Fastest Growing Companies in Antwerp, Belgium

Belgian economics newspaper names CMOSIS as one of the fastest growing companies in Antwerp, Belgium. Google translates:

"In medium businesses CMOSIS is the fastest growing. The company develops and produces image sensors for industrial, scientific and medical applications. Think of image chips for aerospace and sensors for the cameras from Leica. Also in the cameras for speed checks on Belgian roads are sensors CMOSIS. However, 99% of sales come from exports, with Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, China, the US and Canada as key markets.

Sales in 2009 amounted to 1.9 million euros. In 2013 it was already 36 million, and 2014 ended with 53 million euros. "We are in a growth market - the number of cameras in our visual society will only increase," says CEO Luc De Mey that surge. "We also have as a niche player on highly sophisticated and well-patented technology, our sensors have a high image quality and a very large number of frames per second."

Since January 2014, the US investment firm TA Associates, 80% of the shares, the remaining 20% ​​is in the six founders, who are all active in the business. "As long as it goes well, we can go our own way." CMOSIS has 110 people on the payroll, including 75 in Berchem, the rest in the branches in Germany and Portugal. "The growth of our company is limited by the number of people we can find with expertise in this specialized field.


  1. Not a surprise CMOSIS as some sucess.

    They have an excellent recipe for this;
    Management having both Vision & Expertise.


  2. Not finding talents in this field? We are offering consulting and design services in the field and we are just 1.5h away!

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    2. I think they are talking about their size in term of employees -- even if you are providing high skills as a consulting company, it's not like growing the company size (unless you want to re-start a life as an employee :) )

    3. Not to mention the "hiring pool" they had from this other image sensor company just 20 minutes away...

  3. similar revenue with Himax Imaging


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