Wednesday, March 04, 2015

ON Semi Shows its OIS Solution

ON Semi demos its OIS solution in this Youtube video. The frequency range of the company's demo covers 1Hz to 10Hz camera shake speed, a bit slow for consumer cameras, but might fit to some other applications:


  1. Why "a bit slow for consumer cameras"? Most handshake frequencies are below 10Hz.

    1. Actually, below 30-35Hz. And it depends on camera weight and grip, not to talk about zoom.

    2. Mobile phones have wide angle lenses. They're equivalent to about 28mm on a full frame 35mm.

    3. Still, the frequency is there. For example, gyro maker Invensense writes in its whitepaper:

      "Human hands shake with a frequency of 10 to 20 Hz and, when outstretched, will also drift at lower frequencies."

      Image Engineering summarizes the camera shake research papers and states that while the hand tremor peaks at 8-12Hz, the camera shake frequencies extend to 30Hz:

    4. When I watched Superbike racing, I saw all cameras attached to the back of the bikes and videos remain on horizontal level and steady whatever the biker manouvering his bike. So I'm curious, what kind of OIS they implemented? Was it gyro or gimbal? Thanks.


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