Thursday, March 05, 2015

IS Auto 2015 Speakers

Smithers Image Sensors Auto conference to be held on June 23-25 in Brussels, Belgium announces a list of confirmed speakers including:
  • Henrik Lind
    Technical Expert
    Volvo Car Corporation
  • Martin Edney
    Lead Systems Engineer Rear & Surround Cameras Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
    Jaguar Land Rover
  • Kevin Lu
    Global Manager - Optical Engineering, Product Architect - Image Vision Systems
    Magna Electronics
  • Salah Hadi
    Global R&D Director Vision & Night Vision Systems
  • Riccardo Mariani
  • Benjamin Stauss
    R&D Engineer – Optical Camera Testing

Also, Image Sensors publishes an interview with Markus Rossi, Chief Innovation Officer, Heptagon on the company's 3D imaging solutions. Few quotes:

"Optimizing image sensors for 3D imaging is an opportunity, since those system typically have different optical requirement and layout. A key aspect of Heptagon’s products their small mechanical form factor. A novel, wafer-based camera assembly technology - called “FCP” - reduces the mechanical complexity of the camera and projection modules and therefore enables high turn-over, passive alignment manufacturing methods."

"One example for a very important component in depth sensing is the so-called IR illuminator. Our miniature illumination systems are optimised for uniform illumination in ToF applications, pattern generators for contrast enhancement in active stereo as well as structured light systems. Each of this systems needs to be tuned for best optical performance (efficiency, contrast, …) and smallest form factor (need to fit into mobile devices)."

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