Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Teradyne Enhances 750 Series Testers to Support up to 128MP Image Sensors

Business Wire: Teradyne announced the IP750Ex-HD testers to increase the parallel test capability for both wafer and final test of image sensors using new, High Density (HD) instruments. These instruments are also compatible with over 4,000 installed J750 and IP750 test systems providing added flexibility to test system operators.

New IP750Ex-HD capabilities include:
  • HSD800 Multifunction Instrument. A third generation digital instrument providing 128 high speed digital channels, scalable to 2,048 channels per system.
  • ICMD. A new LVDS image capture instrument supporting MIPI CSI-2 D-PHY 1.5Gbps speed at 1,2,4 Data Lane CIS and Serial 1 to 16 Lane protocol support capability. This second generation instrument has 24 differential input pairs and 128M pixel capture memory .
  • IG-XL 3.60 Software.
  • Zero-footprint, Air-cooled System.
"The IP750Ex-HD uses the same HD instruments as the J750Ex-HD, which has a large installed base and TAM, providing the flexibility in manufacturing to tackle a broad range of SOC and Image Sensor devices. Adding an additional Image Capture Instrument chassis also increases the ICMD slots and allows the IP750Ex-HD to expand to higher site counts," said Jason Zee, General Manager of Teradyne's Consumer Business Unit. Teradyne has received multiple orders from multiple customers and began shipments of the IP750Ex-HD systems in the fourth quarter of 2014.

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