Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rambus MWC 2015 Workshop

Rambus, along with partners MLove and IXDS, hosted “Eyes of the IoT” MWC 2015 workshop in Barcelona, Spain, devoted to brainstorming on the possible uses of lensless image sensors. Some suggestions:

"Lars Stalling of Telefonica/Canoe Lab – who headed the smart transport group – suggested LSS technology could be used to help pedestrians navigate crowded cities like Barcelona and New York by introducing a wearable third eye."

Harald Neidhardt of MLove proposed “Lensless smart sensors [which are approximately the size of a human hair], are small enough to be painted on city walls and street signs to supplement existing safety requirements and help make true intelligent lighting a reality. We call this concept 'City Glaze'.

Reto Wettach of IXDS said “We’re thinking about enabling ultra-smart appliances such as a refrigerator that is capable of sensing what groceries need to be ordered and what food items are close to their expiration date. LSS is inexpensive, low-powered and small enough to make it the right technology to bring intelligent appliances to the next level.

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  1. Can anybody explain me what market this lensless technology is enabling when VGA resolution camera modules based on chinese image sensor companies like GalaxyCore, etc... are today priced below 0.2-0.3$US / camera unit????


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