Monday, March 30, 2015

Yole Word on Sony CCD End of Life

IMVEurope publishes thoughts by Yole Developpment analyst Pierre Cambou on Sony CCD end of life decision. One quote:

"It is always sad for technologists to watch the creative destruction of technology shifts. I believe this major transition will renew the innovation drive of the industry. Let’s buckle up for a new technology cycle. I am convinced we are not to be disappointed. CCD image sensors are dead, long live CMOS image sensors!"


  1. Famous last words...

  2. All the genes of CCD are inside CMOS now, so long live CCD !!

  3. It requires a definition of what a CCD is. If it is defined as "Charge-Coupled Devices" as a technology, then I think it is the future! In pixel charge manipulation combined with CMOS electronics offers a breakthrough in smart detection. On the other hand, if we take CCD to be a brand (used in typical consumer 2D cameras), then I agree with the above statement.

  4. Some CMOS pixels use charge transfer from photodiode area to memory area : is it not CCD-like ?
    For space Earth application, time delay integration architecture (CCD-TDI) are still wanted for their high noise & sensitivity performances.
    CCD sensors are not yet dead !
    I am going to reveal you a secret : SONY is not the only one CCD manufacturer !

    1. I'll tell you a secret: space applications are peanuts. Sony and other big players don't care about it..


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