Saturday, November 21, 2015

Caeleste Presents UV-B-W Imager

Caeleste publishes its presentation "UV-White-Yellow Bayer-like pattern imager" by P.Gao, B.Dierickx, Q.Yao, J.Zhu, P.Coppejans, R.Zhang, G.Cai, B.Luyssaert, B.Spinnewyn, A.Kalgi, and D.Van Aken at CNES Image sensor workshop held on Nov. 19, 2015, Toulouse, France. The company proposes to implement the color separation with no usual organic filters on top:


  1. I forgot to ask the question during the presentation: do you use the biasing on the poly layer on the PPD to make the photodiode in 1° fully depleted, 2° non-depleted and 3° inversed surface channel ? How do you manage the 1M electrons by the FD please ?

    Thanks !

    -yang ni

    1. hi Yang,

      The function of the poly layer is still very experimental. Depends on the process parameter, it could be as you mentioned inverse surface channel(similar to mos cap) and contribute to FD capacitance, or simply just to PD itself. The later measurement will tell which and at what bias level it will be.

      The 1M e- is from the capacitance analysis, more than 180fF capacitance will be connected to FD, so it can handle that amount of electrons.

  2. Would it help to combine some of the "yellow" pixels with deeper pinning layer to significantly reduce green response as well?


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