Monday, November 09, 2015

Omnivision Unveils PureCel Plus and PureCel Plus-S Technologies

PRNewswire: OmniVision unveils its latest PureCel Plus and PureCel Plus-S pixel technologies featuringa buried color filter array (BCFA) and deep trench isolation (DTI).

One of the key benefits of PureCel Plus technology is the reduction of color crosstalk and color noise, improving color reproduction under low-light conditions. Another critical benefit is the angular response of the sensor. With PureCel Plus technology, OmniVision's sensors can provide higher signal response at a larger incident light angle than the one with predecessor technologies. As a result, with PureCel Plus sensors, module design houses can use brighter lenses and build camera systems with much thinner geometries.

"It has long been an industry-wide presumption that increasing resolution by reducing pixel size may result in the degradation of camera performance, due to low-light sensitivity. However, as we are seeing with PureCel Plus, that is not always the case," said Song Xue, senior manager of sensor technology at OmniVision. "Our new 1.0 micron sensors built on PureCel Plus technology will exhibit the same level of signal-to-noise ratio as 1.12 micron sensors built on our previous generation technologies. Today's advancement enables us to continue reducing pixel size while maintaining the highest image and video quality standards."

In addition to PureCel Plus, PureCel Plus-S leverages stacked die technology to deliver high functionality with minimal chip size.

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