Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Update on Ziptronix vs Omnivision and TSMC Lawsuit

SeekingAlpha: Tessera, the new home for Ziptronix wafer bonding technology, updates on the ongoing lawsuit against Omnivision and TSMC: "in connection with our acquisition of the Ziptronix, we inherited a litigation matter that was already pending at the time of the acquisition between Ziptronix on the one hand and TSMC and Omnivision technologies or OVT on the other. Ziptronix filed this case in December 2010 in federal court in the urban district of California, alleging at TSMC and OVT infringed nine of Ziptronix zibond patents. TSMC also asserted counterclaims alleging that Ziptronix infringes certain TSMC patents. There is no trial date set in the case, the party have been engaging in mediation discussion before the acquisition and after and are planning to continue do engage in such discussions.

As we have demonstrated numerous times over the past two years, our intent is to reach a settlement that enable a closer technical working relationship and collaboration between the companies.

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