Monday, November 02, 2015

Sony Announces 3.2MP and 5.1MP GS Sensors with 3.45um Pixels

Sony announces 5.1MP, 2/3-inch IMX264LLR/LQR and 3.2MP, 1/1.8-inch IMX265LLR/LQR sensors featuring 3.45um global shutter pixels. "This small-sized 3.45 μm pixel realizes higher sensitivity and lower noise than that of the existing 5.86 μm pixel products, and achieves high picture quality, high resolution and high-speed imaging without focal plane distortion... high-sensitivity pixel design technology and condensing process technology were used to increase the sensitivity of the newly developed 3.45 μm pixel, and realized high sensitivity exceeding that of the existing 5.86 μm product (1.1 times compared to the existing 5.86 μm product)"


  1. it seems that the only difference is speed (reduced number of available/active lvds output channels). So IMX264 is a slower variant of IMX250, IMX265=IMX252 (same was also done in 1st gen Pregius: IMX249=IMX174). It seems that they market the slower (and quite a bit cheaper ones) more for travel surveillance applications where the faster ones seem to target mainly machine vision applications.
    - Thomas


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