Sunday, November 01, 2015

Mysterious AR Startup Reported Reaching $4.5B Valuation

Forbes reports that Magic Leap, a Florida-based AR startup, is aiming to secure another round of funding of $1bn at the valuation of $4.5b. So far, the new company has not presented its products, but filed for 153 patents, mostly on display technology.

Like any other AR setup, Magic Leap should use a number of cameras to create a map of surrounding area where it embeds its virtual objects. The company's recent Youtube video is said to be "Shot directly through Magic Leap technology on 10/14/15, without the use of special effects or compositing."


  1. The CEO said they create "black" with light due to some human perception trick.. looks like it's still not been implemented in the current demo video or they have to find a camer perception trick for the "black" to work

    1. Under specific circumstances, you can get the perception of black when light actually hits the retina, but it's not always possible.

  2. Hmm, what is this video saying? That this is the perfect technology for perverts?

    Oh, no. I wasn't staring at you! I was looking at a map of the solar system!

    On a more serious note, Microsoft's Hololens (which on the surface seems similar), only has the AR overlay at the very center (I think I heard 15°) of the FOV. It remains to be seen if Magic Leap is able to do better than that.

  3. ML is not mysterious? You can figure out what they do by going through their patents. They also released a lot of stuff along the way.

    There's nothing mysterious about what they do at all! Their aim is pretty high.


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