Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Heptagon LAURA 3DRanger Targets Mobile Applications

BusinessWire: Heptagon introduces LAURA ToF 3DRanger sensor and the first member in a new family of scalable ToF sensor modules. Laura is said to be "the first smart sensor with integrated logic that simplifies system architecture and speeds up time to market. The new product provides longer range, faster distance measurements, lower power draw and improved lighting performance than existing laser based distance sensors." Unlike phase detecting AF systems, LAURA is said to enable fast AF focus lock in any lighting conditions including in video mode. Heptagon has developed its patented “phase modulation” ToF pixel said to have best-in-class sensitivity and speed, as well as excellent background light rejection.

We’re delighted to be launching LAURA, the first member in our new family of ToF smart sensors,” says René Kromhof - SVP, Sales & Marketing of Heptagon. “LAURA is a complete ToF sensing solution that delivers automatic range calculations. It integrates an IR illuminator, IR sensor and a micro controller in a single package. This significantly lowers host CPU computations and simplifies usage. In addition, it enables integrated features like automatic exposure time adjustment that improves use in all lighting conditions.

LAURA comes in a small, thermally efficient SMD package with embedded filters to allow for lower-cost cover glass designs.


  1. This looks like a stripped down version of ST's TOF+ALS sensor VL6180. Do you know if there is any technical difference between these two sensors?

  2. There is a huge difference - ST uses SPADs, whilst this one presumablly uses a pmd detector (knowing that MESA is behind the technology). It will be interesting to compare the real sensitivity.


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