Monday, December 14, 2015

Rumor: Microsoft Lumia 1050 Smartphone to Feature 50MP Sensor

JBHNews quotes a rumor that Microsoft Lumia 1050 smartphone, to be released in January or February 2016, would feature 50MP camera having a variable aperture, a zoom lens, an OIS and a laser AF. "Overall, Lumia 1050 would be a defining phone in the history of Microsoft."


  1. Heres hoping! a long time coming. The 1020 is such a good phone and a replacement is much needed. I may hold off on getting a new battery fitted

  2. I doubt it - the render is too slim. Including optical zoom.
    I suppose that digital zoom will work fine on a 50MP sensor though. Without OIS it can be slim enough perhaps.
    Or would it be liquid optics technology?

  3. A _real_ 50 MP Sensor in a Phone is unlikely. Nokia used to use Toshiba Sensors, but they sold everything to Sony, so there will be a delay it they want to continue using Toshiba Sensors under new management.

    Sony's 50 MP Sensor is for Medium Frame Format Cameras and their Mobile Phone Image Sensors provide no advantage over existing Phones.

    Sony's Industrial Image Sensors have STARVIS Technology, 12Bit @ 30 FPS at 4K. With Computational Photography and Sensor shift the Sensor could make 50 MP Still Photos and support 4K Video.

    A 50 MP Sensor in a thin Device is going to need something like ASUS's double periscope Lens design, which is big for a Phone.

    ZenFone Zoom (ZX551ML):

  4. As a dedicated and long time 1020 user and someone holding out for a worthy replacement from microsoft, all the rumours were for an announcement in Barcelona and a launch in Feb/Mar. Was it all just a joke or some means of testing the water before we see the 1050. Microsoft are missing a trick if they do not go for a 1020 replacement. I know I am not the only one wishing for the fabled 1050 to materialise


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