Tuesday, February 06, 2018

DxOMark on Disruption in Smartphone Cameras

DxOMark publishes an article "Disruptive technologies in mobile imaging: Taking smartphone cameras to the next level" reviewing smartphone camera technologies and their impact on image quality measurements from 2012 to today. One can clearly see a saturation in improvements over the last couple of years:


  1. Question on slide 2, "photo noise and texture" - How come the Google Pixel 2 is so much better in texture over noise compared to Samsung which actually has the faster lens by same optical format sensor. Very impressive results for the Pixel 2, or a typo in the chart?

  2. Note the horizontal scale in the first graph. It overstates apparent saturation.

  3. How convenient that saturation occurs at the 100 mark. Seeing as nobody knows how they arrive at this score is quite hard to access its relevance.

    1. I don't think 100 is the limit. In cameras, some of them score higher than that:



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