Saturday, February 24, 2018

Omnivision Paper on 2nd Generation Stacking Technology

MDPI Special Issue on the 2017 International Image Sensor Workshop publishes Omnivision paper "Second Generation Small Pixel Technology Using Hybrid Bond Stacking" by Vincent C. Venezia, Alan Chih-Wei Hsiung, Wu-Zang Yang, Yuying Zhang, Cheng Zhao, Zhiqiang Lin, and Lindsay A. Grant.

"In this work, OmniVision’s second generation (Gen2) of small-pixel BSI stacking technologies is reviewed. The key features of this technology are hybrid-bond stacking, deeper back-side, deep-trench isolation, new back-side composite metal-oxide grid, and improved gate oxide quality. This Gen2 technology achieves state-of-the-art low-light image-sensor performance for 1.1, 1.0, and 0.9 ┬Ám pixel products. Additional improvements on this technology include less than 100 ppm white-pixel process and a high near-infrared (NIR) QE technology."

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