Friday, February 09, 2018

Elphel Quad 3D Camera Adds CNN and Tile Processor

Open-source Elphel camera project that uses quad camera for 3D vision, now adds Convolutional Neural Network with intention to reach the depth range of few hundreds to thousands meters with cameras spaced apart by just 150mm:

"We plan to fuse the methods of high resolution images calibration and processing, already emulated functionality of the Tile Processor (TP), RTL code developed for its implementation and the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). Compared to the CNN alone this approach promises over a hundred times reduction in the number of input features without sacrificing universality of the end-to-end processing. The TP part of the system is responsible for the high resolution aspects of the image acquisition (such as optical aberrations correction and image rectification), preserves deep sub-pixel super-resolution using efficient implementation of the 2-D linear transforms. Tile processor is free of any training, only a few hyperparameters define its operation, all the application-specific processing and “decision making” is delegated to the CNN."

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