Monday, February 05, 2018

Hamamatsu SiPM Lecture

Hamamatsu publishes a webinar "Silicon Photomultiplier: Operation, Performance & Possible Applications" by Slawomir Piatek. Few slides out of deck of 70:


  1. SiPM at 1550nm !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pretty good introduction for undergraduates who are interested in lab work where SiPMs are characterized!
    I started off in characterization of PMTs and then switched to SiPMs, so I'm quite familiar with Hamamatsu's SiPMs. In the last several years they've combined their trench isolation technology with TSVs, allowing for lower crosstalk and afterpulsing with higher fill factor. Although Hamamatsu was first with TSV SiPMs, others like SensL, KeteK, AdvanSID, and others are switching over to TSV packaging for higher fill factor, saw some of their units on display at Photonics West.
    Word of caution, those super short pulses are true for small pitch models, with larger pitches, the pulse width grows as the time to traverse the active area/volume increases.
    The shown QE plots are a bit old too, I think Hamamatsu is hitting 50% at 420nm.


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