Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Imec Lens-Free Microscope Relies on Super-Small Pixels

Imec lens-free microscopy leverages super small pixels in modern sensors and currently uses 1.1um pixel pitch. Imec uses a specialty laser based illumination coupled with holographic software for the image reconstruction with better than 1um resolution images with fields of view as large as 20 - 40 mm2 in a very low cost and compact form factor, unmatched by any microscope technology so far.

If any CIS manufacturer would be able to bring to market in near future much smaller pixels (e.g. 0.6um) with large enough resolution, IMEC expects it would enable a major breakthrough where characterization of even smaller objects below 500nm resolution like proteins, bacteria’s and fine particles matter pollution would be finally possible.

Imec demos its lens-free platform in Vimeo video:

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