Thursday, February 15, 2018

Panasonic 8K GS OPF Sensor

Panasonic has developed an 8K (36MP), 60fps, 450ke- saturation sensor with global shutter and with sensitivity modulation function. The new CMOS sensor has an organic photoconductive film (OPF).

"By utilizing this OPF CMOS image sensor's unique structure, we have been able to newly develop and incorporate high-speed noise cancellation technology and high saturation technology in the circuit part. And, by using this OPF CMOS image sensor's unique sensitivity control function to vary the voltage applied to the OPF, we realize global shutter function. The technology that simultaneously achieves these performances is the industry's first."

The new technology has the following advantages:
  • 8K resolution, 60fps framerate, 450Ke- saturation and GS function are realized simultaneously.
  • Switching between high sensitivity mode and high saturation mode is possible using gain switching function.
  • The ND filter function can be realized steplessly by controlling the voltage applied to the OPF.

This Development is based on the following technologies:
  1. "OPF CMOS image sensor design technology", in that, the photoelectric-conversion part and the circuit part can be designed independently.
  2. "In-pixel capacitive coupled noise cancellation technique" which can suppress pixel reset noise at high speed even at high resolution
  3. "In-pixel gain switching technology" that can achieve high saturation characteristics
  4. "Voltage controlled sensitivity modulation technology" that can adjust the sensitivity by changing the voltage applied to the OPF.

Panasonic holds 135 Japanese patents and 83 overseas patents (including pending) related to this technology.


  1. What is the pixel size?

  2. If Panasonic OPF image sensor technology would be so promising... why aren't they doing like SONY: selling this type of image sensor massively to the digital camera and consumer and smartphone markets directly? Would there be any fondamental issue (reliability, dark-current, or others) that no one wants to show? How come Invisage with some many patents too on this technology and a fab alliance with TSMC was never able too to bring products with this organic film technology to market and then sold all of their patents (and people?) to Apple... pretty confusing overall...

  3. Hello,
    Does someone know the absorption band and the quantum efficiency of a such an OPF ?


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