Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Himax Presents its Smartphone 3D Sensing Solution

GlobeNewswire: Himax presents Android smartphone samples equipped with its 3D sensing total solution with face recognition capability. The solution is now ready for mass production.

SLiM, Himax’s structured light based 3D sensing total solution which the Company jointly announced with Qualcomm last August, brings together Qualcomm’s 3D algorithm with Himax’s design and manufacturing capabilities in optics and NIR sensors as well as know-how in 3D sensing system integration. The Qualcomm/Himax solution is claimed to be by far the best performing 3D sensing and face recognition total solution available for the Android smartphone market right now.

The key features of the Himax SLiMTM 3D sensing total solution include:
  • Dot projector: More than 33,000 invisible dots, the highest in the industry, projected onto object to build the most sophisticated 3D depth map among all structured light solutions
  • Depth map accuracy: Error rate of < 1% within the entire operation range of 20cm-100cm
  • Face recognition: Enabled by the most sophisticated 3D depth data to build unique facial map that can be used for instant unlock and secure online payment
  • Indoor/outdoor sensitivity: Superior sensing capability even under total darkness or bright sunlight
  • Eye safety: Certified for IEC 60825 Class 1, the international laser product standard which governs laser product safety under all conditions of normal use with naked eyes
  • Glass broken detection: Patented glass broken detection mechanism in the dot projector whereby laser is shut down instantaneously in the event of broken glass in the projector
  • Power consumption: Less than 400mW for projector, sensor and depth decoding combined, making it the lowest power consuming 3D sensing device by far among all structured light solutions
  • Module size: the smallest structured light solution in the market, ideal for embedded and mobile device integration

3D sensing is among the most significant new features for smartphone. We are pleased to announce that our SLiM total solution is now ready for mass production. It outperforms all the peers targeting Android market in each and all aspects of engineering. We are working with multiple tier-1 Android smartphone makers, on target to launch 3D sensing on their premium smartphones starting the first half of 2018,” said Jordan Wu, President and CEO of Himax.

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