Friday, May 03, 2019

Assorted News

Cadence reports from TSMC 2019 Technology Symposium in Santa Clara:
  • Camera is important, especially in the Asia market. Pixel size driving to 0.8um this year, and 0.7um next year.
  • IR sensing important for security and ADAS. Achieved 940nm QE >45% (measured in silicon).
EEWeb reports that camera-base driver-monitoring system (DMS), which can detect a drowsy or distracted driver, will become mandatory in all new vehicles in Europe from 2022. While DMS developments in the past have tended to be focused around autonomous cars, the new EU rules will make them mainstream technology on all vehicles. So far, DMSes have found their way into only a few vehicles on our roads, with analyst Semicast Research saying that interior cameras for DMSes are in only 1% of new cars in 2019.

Trinamix demos its XperYenz – Adaptive 3D sensing system:

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  1. Can DMS work on the driver with sunglasses?


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