Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Detachable Camera in Smartphone

IFNews, Zol, GizChina: Reportedly, the upcoming Vivo NEX 2 smartphone will use a concept of detachable camera - it can be attached either in pre-determined spots on the smartphone, or, according to other sources, in any spot. So, a single camera can be used in both front and rear configurations:


  1. That's a magnet? Makes me curious about how signal and power are transferred and how the magnet affects the display. I had a Samsung tablet once and used a casing with a magnet that kept the cover closed. When the magnet was on the backside of the display, the image was distorted in that area... Could also become annoying to a customer in terms of potential marks left on the display. I can't believe this will survive... lot's of R&D money down the drain...

  2. The first cellphone camera from Kyocera was an attachment, and early on attached cameras had more models than embedded. Going by memory and not a web search, but will say it was about 2000 or 2001. Back to the future.

  3. the camera looks like the same with huawei mate 20 pro


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