Monday, May 27, 2019

Shimonomura Lab Videos

Shimonomura Lab from Ritsumeikan University, Japan, publishes a couple of nice videos complementing the previously published papers.

Video illustrating Light-In-Flight paper:

It could be a good market for DVS sensors, if one places such sensor under each button in a keyboard:

I'm not sure how large is the demand for this sensor, but looks like a fresh idea:


  1. it has been used for fingerprint sensing so many years ago ...

    1. I presume you're referring to the last video. Yeah, line-sensors aren't new.

      More interesting is the first video which shows light in flight not by a streak camera like MIT ( but with a CMOS focal plane camera. However, here one could argue that the time-of-flight world is doing the same - although they're trying to capture different information this is essentially the same technology - ~10 ns integration time, 5-10 frames burst storage. The novelty in this work is the combination of high-sensitivity (thick silicon layer fully depleted) and high speed. Keep in mind Prof. Etoh is targeting <<1 ns response! So this video is to be understood as a mere milestone. From an engineering point of view it will be quite an achievement to see the 1 ns boundary broken. One can argue about the usefulness of the application though. Time-of-flight seems to be a more relevant topic - from an economical point of view.

      Odd to me is that the drum in the last video moves over the bill. Why not using a rigid drum and a bill on a conveyor?


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