Saturday, May 04, 2019

Epi Wafers with Embedded Gettering

MDPI paper "Proximity Gettering Design of Hydrocarbon–Molecular–Ion–Implanted Silicon Wafers Using Dark Current Spectroscopy for CMOS Image Sensors" by Kazunari Kurita, Takeshi Kadono, Satoshi Shigematsu, Ryo Hirose, Ryosuke Okuyama, Ayumi Onaka-Masada, Hidehiko Okuda, and Yoshihiro Koga from SUMCO Corporation, Japan describes the company offers of epi wafers with gettering layer:

"We developed silicon epitaxial wafers with high gettering capability by using hydrocarbon–molecular–ion implantation. These wafers also have the effect of hydrogen passivation on process-induced defects and a barrier to out-diffusion of oxygen of the Czochralski silicon (CZ) substrate bulk during Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) device fabrication processes. We evaluated the electrical device performance of CMOS image sensor fabricated on this type of wafer by using dark current spectroscopy. We found fewer white spot defects compared with those of intrinsic gettering (IG) silicon wafers. We believe that these hydrocarbon–molecular–ion–implanted silicon epitaxial wafers will improve the device performance of CMOS image sensors."

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