Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Emberion Article

InVision: Emberion publishes an article on its graphene-based image sensors:

"The key features of the graphene-based VIS-SWIR sensor technology are the wide spectral response range, excellent sensitivity and noise performance, and large dynamic operation range. The spectral response range starts from 400nm and extends initially up to 1,800nm, in the future extending to even longer wavelengths. The properties of graphene, namely the high mobility of the charge carriers and the maximal surface to volume ratio of a 2D material, result into a low noise, high internal gain and non-saturating response behavior. The linear and full dynamic operation ranges are 60 and 120dB, respectively. The light absorbing materials pose a trade-off between the operation speed and sensitivity. Currently, the frame rate is limited to 100fps but is expected to increase in future products. In respect to Specific Detectivity (D*) and Noise Equivalent Irradiance (NEI) performance, these novel sensors are on par with InGaAs photodiodes in SWIR and outperform them in VIS spectral domain at 30fps operation speed. The graphene-based sensors can be operated in room temperature but the optimal performance is achieved with a one-stage Peltier cooling element. The sensors will offer cost-wise an attractive alternative to InGaAs sensors. Therefore, this new sensor technology will allow product concepts and applications which have previously been prohibited by the high cost of SWIR sensors and which require a wider spectral response range."

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