Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Sony Opens Design Centers in Norway, Germany, and Switzerland

Sony posts the following message at LinkedIn: "Sony Semiconductor Solutions, the largest image sensor supplier in the world, is establishing new design centers across Europe (Norway, Germany, Switzerland).

The design centers will focus on the design and the development of image sensors targeting a plethora of markets including mobile, automotive and industrial. The European design teams will work closely with Sony Semiconductor design and manufacturing teams in Japan.

We are starting a wide recruitment campaign all over Europe with the purpose of hiring analogue and digital engineers as well as engineering managers and field application engineers.

Thanks to AB for the pointer!


  1. Are the exact locations known? I presume Oslo, Zurich or Lausanne and ...? Munich? Julich? Dresden? Reutlingen/Stuttgart?

  2. So, Johannes S. can claim credit for Photobit, Micron, Aptina, Omnivision and Sony coming to Norway! ...although Aptina can claim substantial credit for Omnivision's presence...

    1. So, Eric, you mean Johannes S. joined the Sony?

    2. No not to my knowledge. But I recruited Johannes to open a Photobit office in Europe and (naturally) he chose Oslo, Norway. That later became a Micron office, and then an Aptina Office. When Aptina decided the auto market or at least Norway was not critical (hunh?) Omnivision and Samsung approached the Aptina team in Oslo and Omnivision got most of them because Samsung was too slow. Omnivision gained a lot of talent in automotive, which is ironic because ON-Semi, after acquiring Aptina, decided to focus on automotive. But, I think Aptina kept a small presence - not sure about this part. So, now there are a bunch of image sensor designers in Norway. It is logical that this is why Sony is interested in an office in Oslo. I have no inside information on this so it is just conjecture. Perhaps history will repeat itself. Would they rather work for a Chinese company or a Japanese company?

    3. Naturally... Huge mistake! If he would've chosen a nice sunny place like Barcelona the epi-center of imaging could be in Europe! But who wants to live in Oslo... Depressing winters ahead. Yay... I wish Renato wouldn't work in such a niche ;-P

  3. Is there any new update regarding this? I cannot find any new info since May!


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