Friday, November 06, 2020

Assorted News: Ambarella, ON Semi, Omnivision

BusinessWire: Ambarella introduces the CV28M camera SoC, the latest in the CVflow family, combining image processing, high-resolution video encoding, and CVflow computer vision processing in a single, low-power design. The CV28M’s efficient AI architecture provides the flexibility to enable a new class of smart edge devices for applications including smart home security, retail monitoring, consumer robotics, and occupancy monitoring.

All around us, devices are becoming smarter, and with our newest CV28M SoC, our customers can develop a new generation of intelligent sensing cameras for a variety of new applications,” said Chris Day, VP of marketing and business development at Ambarella. “In privacy-sensitive applications—such as monitoring retail stores, workplaces, rental properties, or the elderly at home—edge-based AI processing can support intelligent monitoring and fast decision-making without the requirement to record or stream video to the cloud.

ON Semi publishes a promotional video about its SiPM use in dToF laser rangefinders:

ResearchInChina reviews the ADAS market design wins for major vision processor companies:

AspenCoreGroup, the mother company of EETimes, EDN, and many other electronics magazines, announces its  Global Electronic Achievement Awards 2020. In the sensors category, the Award goes to Omnivision OV64B sensor.

Digitimes reports that OmniVision is ramping up the volume production of OV64A in Q4 2020 for Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo in their midrange and high-end smartphones.

As China continues its de-Americanization and self-sufficiency policy in semiconductors, OmniVision is expected to significantly increase its share on Chinese CIS market, according to Digitimes sources.

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