Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Smartsens CEO Named Innovator of the Year

BusinessWire: SmartSens Founder and CEO Richard Xu received a 2020 Innovator of the Year Award at ASPENCORE Global High-Tech Executive Forum.

In an interview with ASPENCORE China analyst, Xu comments on the future of SmartSens:

As a CMOS image sensor chip design company driven by innovation, SmartSens has selected the technically demanding security product industry as a market entry point. We’ve able to take advantage of the country’s rapid advancements and explosive growth in smart cities and intelligent transportation to become a leader in this field.

In particular, our ultra-starlight-level full-color night vision imaging technology, Stack BSI Global Shutter technology, single-frame HDR technology, and Near-Infrared Enhancement technology among others that have garnered recognitions by leading customers in the security industry.

Regarding the future of semiconductor industry in China, Xu says:

Currently, the country can only provide 15% of the overall chip supply, while the demand is over 50%. In addition, there is a demand for high-end chip customization. This presents an opportunity for the domestic semiconductor industry to tap into this rapid development.

From a more passive point of view, it means that domestic companies must examine their own potential. Technological innovation is the key. With a global strategy and strong national sentiment, as well as respect of intellectual property and common-ground value, the market will prove that a win-win situation is attainable.

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