Monday, November 09, 2020

GigaDevice Develops SWIR ToF Sensor for Smartphones

Sohu (via IFNews), Zaotech: Gigadevice Director of ToF Marketing of the Sensor Division Haolei Liu presents the company plans to develop ToF sensors and optical fingerprint sensors for smartphones:

"GigaDevice’s innovative ToF solution adopts a special process, has a higher QE, can effectively reduce power consumption and system cost, and can support both the 1350nm-1550nm long wavelength band and the 940nm wavelength band. Outdoors have excellent performance, which meets the needs of the future screen direction.

Liu Haolei also pointed out: “In our opinion, iToF and dToF will be parallel for a period of time. Although the resolution is a shortcoming of dToF, in the long run, we believe that dToF has a lot of room for growth because of the dToF solution. Not long after its launch, the industrial chain is not mature, which also means that it has a lot of room for improvement.

We believe that the potential of ToF needs to be promoted by industry chain ecological partners. It is certain that this technology will have higher and higher requirements for hardware . For example, resolution. In the dToF solution, if the resolution can be significantly improved, the application of products will become more and more extensive.

The new GigaDevice's ToF sensor is said to have QVGA resolution, QE of 65% at 940nm or 50% at 1350nm, "which is nearly double that of the ToF chip based on silicon technology."

MEMSensor: The company also develops a new α-Si process-based under OLED-screen optical fingerprint sensor named GSL7253. It's said to have a sensitive area of 20x30mm2, a QE of 80%, and is only 0.3mm thin:


  1. a QVGA-TOF sensor for smartphones (so lowcost) at 1350nm? based on what technology is this possible? Are there SPADs possible in InGaAs for example?

    1. Interesting question. QE at 1350nm is too low to be InGaAs (or it is really really bad InGaAs).

    2. They write 1350-1550. There is little sunlight in this band, this is the main motivation right?


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