Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Assorted News: ON Semi, Luminar, Galaxycore, Omnivision

BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor introduces a single point dToF LiDAR solution based on the company's Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM). The SiPM dToF LiDAR Platform can detect objects at distances between 10 cm and 23 m.

The SiPM dToF LiDAR Platform provides a complete solution for low cost, single point LiDAR that OEMs can adapt and take into production to create industrial range finding applications. It includes the NIR laser diode, SiPM sensor and optics, as well as the digital processing necessary to convert the detected signals into elapsed time, and elapsed time into distance.

BusinessWire: Luminar makes a number of public announcements toward closing its reverse merging IPO deal:

  • Luminar is engaged with 50% more OEM programs for series production deals to be awarded over next 24 months (now 12, up from 8 in August; only 4 modeled in financial forecast)
  • Luminar executed exclusive supply agreements for all three of its key lidar components (receiver, ASIC, and laser), locking in an estimated sub $100 hardware cost in volume.
  • Luminar is on-track for powering series production vehicles in 2022: delivered key milestone of Iris B-samples; shipped to its lead series production partner Volvo Cars and live on vehicles.
  • Luminar is increasing its target 2020 Order Book from $1 billion to approximately $1.3 billion, due to new OEM deals and increased existing customer volume outlook provided
Deeptech posts the notes from Galaxycore investor presentation towards its IPO. Here are Galaxycore's view on image sensor market shares in units and value:

"According to Frost & Sullivan statistics, in 2019 the global mobile phone CMOS image sensor shipments of 4.93 billion, market size reached $ 12.08 billion, is expected to 2024, global hand machine CMOS sensor size will reach 6.78 billion, the market scale reached 16.41 billion yuan .

In terms of 2019 unit shipments, the world's top four CMOS image sensor chips are SONY with 26.9%, Galaxycore 20.7%, Samsung 18.9%, and Omnivision 15.1%.

In terms of sales amount, the top ten in 2019 are SONY with 44.6%, Samsung 22.7%, Omnivision 8%, ON SEMI 3.4%, STMicroelectronics 3.1%, SK Hynyx 3%, Canon 3%, Galaxycore 2.8%, Panasonic 2.4%, Toshiba 2.2%, etc.

Netease adds: "according to the statistics of unit shipments in 2019, Galaxycore’s global market share has reached 20.7%. In the segment of mobile phone applications, Galaxycore accounted for 24.3% of the global market share with 1.2 billion unit shipments."

BusinessWire: Omnivision, Ambarella, and Smart Eye announce what they call the automotive industry’s first complete solution for dual-mode camera applications. This joint solution simultaneously monitors drivers while capturing vehicle occupants for one-way videoconferencing.

Our OV2312 is the only automotive image sensor that offers the combination of dual-mode RGB-IR capture and a global shutter,” said Mario Heid, VP of OmniVision Europe. “Without this combined functionality, the camera system designers would have to use two separate image sensors, which is too expensive for most vehicles. At the same time, the European Union (through Euro NCAP) is requiring that all new cars sold in Europe have a driver monitoring system (DMS) camera by 2022, and our joint solution gives OEMs the flexibility to differentiate their vehicle features while meeting this mandate.

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