Monday, November 16, 2020

SWIR Sensor for Driver Monitoring

 Trieye publishes an article "SWIR Keeping a Closer Eye on Driver Monitoring Systems."

"DMS do not function properly under a wide range of scenarios, such as when the sun is shining into a car and the ambient light blinds the camera or when a street is covered with trees or buildings and creates shadow patterns that confuse the DMS algorithms. Another example is when reflections on glasses from different objects and vehicle headlights make it difficult for the gaze detection algorithms to differentiate between pupils and other reflections.

SWIR can be leveraged to solve the low visibility challenge for the car interior with full robustness to ambient illumination. It delivers enhanced vision even under the most challenging scenarios, with significant efficacy at night, when most needed. This function is enabled by operation in the solar-blind region, which prevents glare and shade patterns, combined with the eye-safe powerful illumination (SWIR can be used with 3-5 orders of magnitude more power and still be eye-safe, even in pulsed mode). This allows for an increased Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and therefore more precise and reliable real-time monitoring."

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