Monday, April 26, 2021

Always-On News: Qualcomm, Microsoft, Himax, Cadence

TinyML Summit 2021 publishes a panel discussion "Always-on AI vision: The path to disruptive, high-scale applications." The discussion participants are:
  • Moderator: Jeff HENCKELS, Director, Product Management & Business Development, Qualcomm
  • Peter BERNARD, Sr. Director, Silicon and Telecom, Azure Edge Devices, Platform & Services, Microsoft
  • Lian Jye SU, Principal Analyst, ABI Research
  • Edwin PARK, Principal Engineer, QUALCOMM Inc
  • Evan PETRIDIS, Chief Product Officer, EVP of Systems Engineering, Eta Compute
  • Tony CHIANG, Sr. Director of Marketing, Himax Imaging

Cadence announces two new vision DSP IP cores. Tensilica Vision Q8 DSP delivers 2X performance and memory bandwidth compared to the previous generation core and energy efficiency for high-end vision and imaging applications in the automotive and mobile markets. The Tensilica Vision P1 DSP is optimized for always-on and smart sensor applications in the consumer market, providing an energy-efficient solution.

Tensilica Vision P1 DSP features and capabilities include:
  • Optimized for always-on applications including smart sensors, AR/VR glasses and IoT/smart home devices
  • 128-bit SIMD with 400 giga operations per second (GOPS) offers one-third the power and area plus 20 percent higher frequency compared to the widely deployed Vision P6 DSP
  • Architecture optimized for small memory footprint and operation in low-power mode

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