Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Smartsens Demos its Voltage Domain Global Shutter Sensor

Smartsens publishes two videos demoing its 9MP SC910GS sensor:


  1. Nice use case videos!
    Why isn't that possible with fast rolling shutters?

    1. After of all, many semiconductor companies in the West should learn from SmartSens. Hahaha.

    2. It is worth noting here that this is CMOSIS and eventually AMS IP that Smartsense was violating and they got a license for use in China. I have no skin in the game but fair is fair. Great European innovation and fantastic to see it on a consumer product finally. Europe has great scientists and engineers, not so great marketing, this being a typical example. Having said that difficult to catch up with Sony on this game but interesting to see how this plans out.

    3. Give an IP to idiots, they will jump around shouting that they own an IP.

      Give an IP to hard working and smart people, they will build a multi-product roadmap out of it and generate millions of $.

    4. I cannot disagree with this, fair statement, we all need to remember that innovative IP is only the beginning, business acumen, strong marketing and apps teams is what makes the product. Kudos to SmartSense for grabbing the opportunity.

  2. I want to see some photos/videos where VD GS's high PLS can be emphasized.


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