Friday, April 16, 2021

Dongbu Hitek Announces Development of BSI GS Pixel and SPAD

BusinessWireDB HiTek announces that the company has developed 110nm based GS and SPAD processes and that DB HiTek will be expanding the specialized image sensor business. 

Based on 110nm BSI process, DB HiTek’s global shutter is applied with light shield, and light guide technologies. It also shows 99.99% performance of GSE (Global Shutter Efficiency) in varying pixel sizes of at least 2.8um.

DB HiTek SPAD achieved PDP of 3.8 % @905nm in the company's 110nm FSI process. The foundry plans plans to use BSI process and develop a SPAD with PDP of 7% @905nm within the year.

DB HiTek will continue on providing diverse customer support programs and plans to hold MPW for global shutter and SPAD in upcoming September.

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