Sunday, April 11, 2021

Smartsens Announces 2nd Generation DSI Pixel Technology

Smartsens launches two image sensors based on DSI-2 pixel technology, SC233A and SC223A, for surveillance and security cameras. The new 1/2.8-inch 2MP sensors are have 2.9um pixel pitch.

"In 2019, Siteway opened up a new technological path in addition to the traditional FSI and BSI technology, and released the first-generation DSI pixel technology based on its innovative design architecture, which has higher sensitivity and reliability than mainstream FSI technology. Now, Siteway has launched a new generation of DSI-2 technology , which has improved sensitivity and color performance compared with previous generation technology products."

The new sensors feature:
  • sensitivity and chroma improvements by 15% and 20% respectively
  • through the use of PixGainTM Technology, the full well capacity has more than doubled with enhanced MaxSNR and HDR efficiency
  • additionally, the SC233A supports HDR video at 60 fps.
  • the new sensors are first products launched by Smartsense with the new China domestic supply chain partners. More products are to follow
Ouyang Jian, Deputy General Manager of Smartsens, says: “Smartsens has always been committed to the creation and improvement of a multilateral supply chain system for common development, and this time it is working with new domestic supply chain partners. The launch of a new generation of DSI-2 technology products is another step forward in the supply chain system, and strives to provide customers with better supply guarantees."

SmartSens’ SC233A and SC223A are available for sampling immediately, with mass production expected in April 2021.

Update: Dongbu Hitek foundry announces Smartsens DSI-2 too.

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