Thursday, April 22, 2021

NIT Starts Production of 1.3MP SWIR sensor

NIT NSC1901T-SI sensor has a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels at a pitch of 10um, with a low noise performance of 25e- typ, thanks to its innovative input stage and in pixel CDS.

NSC1901T-SI captures up to 120 fps, operates in IWR and ITR mode, and can be combined with ROI readout. This first member of the SXGA family has a linear response only. The dual-mode Linear and Logarithmic response will be available in Q3-2021.

NSC1901T-SI is manufactured using the advanced NH process developed by NIT. This in-house technology allows the production of hybrid components without using the traditional Indium bump technique leading to high yield manufacturing.

NSC1901T-SI will be integrated first into the NIT SenS camera line – the SenS 1280 camera is due to be out in May 2021.

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