Monday, December 13, 2021

Article about Will Semi and its CEO

Tencent article talks about Will Semi, Omnivision's parent company, and its CEO Renrong Yu:
  • Will Semi  is the second largest company in China's semiconductor and chip stocks by market value, second only to SMIC.
  • According to data from the China Semiconductor Industry Association, Will Semi is the second largest company in China's IC design companies in terms of revenue, second only to HiSilicon.
  • According to Techsugar's statistics, Will Semi design revenue in 2020 is about 17.3 billion yuan, and it is the only company with a revenue of over 10 billion among the Shanghai and Shenzhen IC design companies. Goodix Technology’s IC design business is the second only 67 100 million yuan in revenue.
  • Will Semi is the company with the largest number of employees (3291) among domestic listed chip design companies, with the highest per capita research and development expenses -up to 1.05 million yuan per capita. In 2020, the research and development expenses reached 1.727 billion yuan.
  • The per capita salary of Will Semi reaches 456,631.64 yuan, and the employee benefits are among the best
In 1985, Yu Renrong successfully entered Tsinghua University's Department of Wireless Communication (now Electronic Engineering Department) 85 EE85 class, only then began to have the legendary character of the protagonist in the novel:

Class 85 EE85 of the Department of Wireless Communications of Tsinghua University (Beijing) is known as "Half of China's Chip Industry". Many people who will stir China's chip and sensor industries in the future come from here, such as:
  • Zhao Weiguo - Tsinghua Unisplendour and Yangtze River Storage, Chairman (leading domestic chip company)
  • Yu Renrong - Founder of Will Semi
  • Feng Chenhui - Co-founder of Zhuosheng Microelectronics (Leading RF Chip Enterprise)
  • Lu Huang - One of the early investors of Will Semiconductor and Zhaoyi Innovation. Founder of 4 companies including Quanzhou Kuntaixin Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Yushuo Industrial Design Co., Ltd. and Quanzhou Aifang Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Lidong Zhao - Founder of Suiyuan Technology (China's first self-developed artificial intelligence high-end training chip), former General Manager of RDA
  • Zhao Lixin - Founder of Galaxycore Microelectronics (leading domestic camera sensor company)
  • Ren Zhijun - Founder of Xinhenghui Smart Card Company
  • Shu Qingming - One of the founders of Zhaoyi Innovation (a leading company in memory chips)
  • Weidong Liu - Founder of Jiuhao Electronics (sensor signal conditioning chip)
  • Yu Qunhui (female) - Deputy General Manager of Feitian Integrity
  • Gao Feng - General Manager of Stony Brook Capital (Semiconductor Investment Fund), former Deputy General Manager of Tsinghua Unisplendour

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