Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Huawei Unveils ISP with AI-based Low-Light Imaging Enhancement

ITHome, GizomoChina, Huaweiupdate: Huawei semiconductor division HiSilicon presents its Yueying ISP at China International Social Public Safety Expo (China Security Expo for short).

"For the first time, the HiSilicon exhibition area fully revealed the five key capabilities of Yueying, breaking through the ceiling of traditional technology, enabling smarter and clearer picture quality in all scenes.

For the first time, HiSilicon moved the Dark Light Image Laboratory into the AMB Pavilion, allowing the public to experience the shocking effects of the latest black technology in an immersive manner. In the darkroom experience zone where “five fingers can't be seen”, one of Yueying’s key capabilities, super-sensitivity noise reduction, uses neural network deep learning to achieve intelligent noise reduction in low-light scenes, leading the industry in image quality and clarity. It also uses multi-spectral fusion technology to effectively fuse the visible light and infrared spectra, so that low-light images achieve a balance of color and detail, and reshape the colorful visual world."

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