Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Qurv Reviews CQD SWIR Technology

Information Display publishes a paper "Colloidal Quantum Dot Image Sensors: Technology and Marketplace Opportunities" by Stijn Goossens, Gerasimos Konstantatos, and Antonios Oikonomou from Qurv startup, Grenoble, France, Barcelona, Spain.

"Most computer vision applications can benefit dramatically from the electromagnetic spectrum's NIR (0.7–1.0 μm) and SWIR (1.0–2.5 μm) range. First, sunlight interference can be reduced up to four orders of magnitude (104×), enabling more robust active light-based sensing systems, such as LiDAR and eye-tracking, in outdoor conditions. More relaxed eye safety conditions in the SWIR band allow LiDAR systems to allow orders of magnitude more power, enabling a significant range increase. Furthermore, up to 40× times more photons are available in the SWIR band during moonless nights, allowing true night vision (Fig. 2). Fog and haze are more transparent in the SWIR; therefore, a SWIR imaging system enables enhanced safety under all weather conditions. Furthermore, SWIR imaging enables the detection of substances using optical detection of molecular fingerprints. Qurv names this molecular vision, and envisions use cases such as food quality inspection or distinguishing between water and black ice on the road."


  1. Interesting to learn they moved from Barcelona to Grenoble: http://image-sensors-world.blogspot.com/2020/07/qurv-startup-to-develop-swir-image.html. Maybe there is some link to https://image-sensors-world.blogspot.com/2021/10/st-to-present-ist-quantum-dot-swir.html ?

    1. They are still in Barcelona. Grenoble was my mistake

  2. Which is the correct name, qurv or Curv? Curv is in this page, but qurv in the paper.


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