Friday, December 24, 2021

Gpixel Announces 9MP 1.1” NIR-enhanced Sensor for Intelligent Traffic Systems

Gpixel announces GMAX3809 extending the GMAX family into ITS applications next to its traditional industrial inspection segment. Gpixel optimized the GMAX product architecture with dedicated ITS features such as enhanced NIR response, pixel size of 3.8 μm, LED flicker mitigation and multiple region HDR modes. GMAX3809 is first in a series of GMAX products with optimized product features for ITS applications.

GMAX3809 fits 4096(H) x 2160(V) (9 MP) resolution into a 1.1” format with low noise, charge domain Global Shutter pixels running at 65 fps at 12-bit ADC resolution. GMAX3809’s 3.8 μm pixel achieves a FWC of 11.5 Ke- and noise of 3.6 e- which delivers more than 70 dB linear DR. The peak QE is 60%, a Parasitic Light Sensitivity is -92 dB, and angular response at > 15° is 80%.

GMAX3809 comes standard in a NIR-enhanced version using Gpixel’s Red Fox technology, offering the ultimate balance between NIR sensitivity and MTF. GMAX3809 achieves a QE of more than 30% at 850 nm and 14% at 940 nm.

GMAX3809 delivers 65 fps with 8 pairs of sub-LVDS channels each running at 960 Mbps resulting in a maximum data rate of 7.68 Gbps. On-chip functions, such as on-chip color offset calibration, channel multiplexing, multiple region HDR and LED flicker are available and programmable through SPI or I2C interface.

GMAX3809 is housed in a 163-pin ceramic LGA package with outer dimensions of 27.1 mm x 17.9 mm. The sensor assembly includes a double side AR coated cover glass lid.

GMAX3809 engineering samples can be ordered today for delivery in January, 2022.


  1. 3.6e is too bad. In charge domain, I think the noise should be lower than 1 e.

  2. it is indeed dominated by readout noise

  3. Noise figures without gain mention, are meaningless.

  4. it is global shutter, normally >1.5e-. rolling shutter you would expect less than 1e-.


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