Thursday, December 02, 2021

Image Sensors at ISSCC 2022

 ISSCC publishes its 2022 Agenda. There are 13 image sensor-related papers:

  1. Charge-Domain Signal Compression in Ultra-High-Speed CMOS Image Sensors
    Keiichiro Kagawa,
    Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu, Japan
  2. A 0.37W 143dB-Dynamic-Range 1Mpixel Backside-Illuminated Charge-Focusing SPAD Image Sensor with Pixel-Wise Exposure Control and Adaptive Clocked Recharging
    Y. Ota, K. Morimoto, T. Sasago, M. Shinohara, Y. Kuroda, W. Endo, Y. Maehashi, S. Maekawa, H. Tsuchiya, A. Abdelghafar, S. Hikosaka, M. Motoyama, K. Tojima, K. Uehira, J. Iwata, F. Inui, Y. Matsuno, K. Sakurai, T. Ichikawa,
    Canon, Kanagawa, Japan
  3. A 64×64-Pixel Flash LiDAR SPAD Imager with Distributed Pixel-to-Pixel Correlation for Background Rejection, Tunable Automatic Pixel Sensitivity and First-Last Event Detection Strategies for Space Applications
    E. Manuzzato, A. Tontini, A. Seljak, M. Perenzoni
    Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy; Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  4. An 80×60 Flash LiDAR Sensor with In-Pixel Histogramming TDC Based on Quaternary Search and Time-Gated Δ-Intensity Phase Detection for 45m Detectable Range and Background Light Cancellation
    S. Park, B. Kim, J. Cho, J-H. Chun, J. Choi, S-J. Kim
    Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Ulsan, Korea; SolidVue, Suwon, Korea, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea
  5. A 38μm Range Precision Time-of-Flight CMOS Range Line Imager with Gating Driver Jitter Reduction Using Charge-Injection Pseudo Photocurrent Reference
    K. Yasutomi, T. Furuhashi, K. Sagawa, T. Takasawa, K. Kagawa, S. Kawahito
    Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu, Japan
  6. A 1/1.57-inch 50Mpixel CMOS Image Sensor with 1.0μm All-Directional Dual Pixel by 0.5μm-Pitch Full-Depth Deep-Trench Isolation Technology
    T. Jung, M. Fujita, J. Cho, K. Lee, D. Seol, S. An, C. Lee, Y. Jeong, M. Jung, S. Park, S. Baek, S. Jung, S. Lee, J. Yun, E. S. Shim, H. Han, E. Park, H. Sul, S. Kang, K. Lee, J. Ahn, D. Chang
    Samsung Electronics, Hwasung, Korea
  7. A 4.9Mpixel Programmable-Resolution Multi-Purpose CMOS Image Sensor for Computer Vision
    H. Murakami, E. Bohannon, J. Childs, G. Gui, E. Moule, K. Hanzawa, T. Koda, C. Takano, T. Shimizu, Y. Takizawa, A. Basavalingappa, R. Childs, C. Cziesler, R. Jarnot, K. Nishimura, S. Rogerson, Y. Nitta,
  8. A Fully Digital Time-Mode CMOS Image Sensor with 22.9pJ/frame∙pixel and 92dB Dynamic Range
    S. Kim, T. Kim, K. Seo, G. Han,
    Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
  9. A 64Mpixel CMOS Image Sensor with 0.56μm Unit Pixels Separated by Front Deep-Trench Isolation
    S. Park, C. Lee, S. Park, H. Park, T. Lee, D. Park, M. Heo, I. Park, H. Yeo, Y. Lee, J. Lee, B. Lee, D-C. Lee, J. Kim, B. Kim, J. Pyo, S. Quan, S. You, I. Ro, S. Choi, S-I. Kim, I-S. Joe, J. Park, C-H. Koo, J-H. Kim, C. K. Chang, T. Kim, J. Kim, J. Lee, H. Kim, C-R. Moon, H-S. Kim,
    Samsung Electronics, Hwaseong, Korea
  10. A 200 x 256 Image Sensor Heterogeneously Integrating a 2D Nanomaterial-Based Photo-FET Array and CMOS Time-to-Digital Converters
    H. Hinton, H. Jang, W. Wu, M-H. Lee, M. Seol, H-J. Shin, S. Park, D. Ham
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Suwon, Korea
  11. A 0.8V Intelligent Vision Sensor with Tiny Convolutional Neural Network and Programmable Weights Using Mixed-Mode Processing-in-Sensor Technique for Image Classification
    T-H. Hsu, G-C. Chen, Y-R. Chen, C-C. Lo, R-S. Liu, M-F. Chang, K-T. Tang, C-C. Hsieh
    National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  12. Augmented Reality – The Next Frontier of Image Sensors and Compute Systems
    C. Liu, S. Chen, T-H. Tsai, B. De Salvo, J. Gomez
    Meta Reality Labs, Redmond, WA
  13. Concepts, Architectures and Circuits for Sub-THz Sensing and Imaging
    A. Stelzer,
    Linz University, Linz, Austria

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