Monday, December 27, 2021

Howard Rhodes Lifetime Achievement Memorial

Omnivision opens Howard Rhodes Lifetime Achievement Memorial Wall in its visitor center in Santa Clara, CA:

"As our former CTO & pioneer in CMOS sensor imaging industry, Howard created more than 200 issued US patent families and was one of the founders of OmniVision technology breakthroughs. This achievement wall not only honors Howard's contributions but also inspires #FutureInSight employees to innovate and achieve more accomplishments.

Furthermore, we have created “Howard Rhodes Award“ to honor our most outstanding engineer each year. Congratulations to Keiji Mabuchi who is the winner this year and Special thanks to Rhodes' Family who kindly shared Howard's plaque patents."

Keiji Mabuchi has 123 US issued patent families (274 granted US patents), not to talk about pending applications.

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