Friday, June 26, 2009

Aptina Sales Up 53% QoQ

Yahoo: Micron reported the quarterly results for its fiscal quarter ended June 4, 2009. Sales of image sensors in the last quarter increased 53% compared to the preceding quarter as a result of a significant increase in unit sales. The company’s gross margin on sales of image sensors was two percent and continues to be negatively impacted by underutilization of dedicated 200mm manufacturing capacity.

Seeking Alpha Earnings Call transcript mentions Aptina expenses run around $30.0+ million in R&D and $9.0 million or so in SG&A (Selling, General & Administrative Expense). The spin-off transaction is expected to be finalized by beginning to mid July.

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  1. comparing with OV report:

    R&D is 20M~27M
    SG&A is 12~17M


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