Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Omnivision Tries to Get Back the Lost VGA Market

Digitimes reports OmniVision will offer an inexpensive VGA CMOS image sensor, the 7675, in September 2009, trying to recover lost global market share due to competition from Samsung and Hynix. Probably, Digitimes meant SETi, the chief Omnivsion's competitor on the Chinese market, rather than Hynix and Samsung.

Digitimes' sources claim that OmniVision's 7675 has better light sensitivity because its size (1/9-inch) is bigger than Hynix's 1/10-inch. HP decided to use the 7675 for its low-cost Mini-note family.

The sources expect OmniVision will stop volume production of its 7690 after it launches the 7675.

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