Friday, June 26, 2009

Caltech Patent Saga Goes On

Bloomberg updates on new developments in Caltech suit on CMOS sensors patents infringement:
  • Sony settled the lawsuit. The terms weren’t disclosed in a federal court filing in the case. “Caltech hereby informs the court that it has resolved its dispute” with Sony Electronics and Tokyo-based Sony Corp., the Pasadena, California-based school said in a June 23 filing in Los Angeles.
  • Nikon and Panasonic denied Caltech’s infringement claims, said the patents are invalid and accused the school and inventors of misleading the US Patent and Trademark Office in order to obtain the patents.
  • Olympus also denied infringing any valid patent and claimed they were unenforceable.
  • Samsung hasn’t yet responded to the complaint, according to the court docket.

A lawyer for Caltech said the university “reached basic settlement terms” with another party in the case and court papers may be filed in two to three weeks - the case he talks about is Canon.


  1. The most important thing going on right now is the IISW. Image Sensor, are you attending? What was the most interesting paper?

  2. Sure, IISW is by far the most interesting event last week. I'm not attending this time. I hope the papers would appear on site soon, so we all could enjoy reading them.

  3. The IISW2009 was really great ! Only happy faces, superb location, fantastic weather, great food, very open atmosphere, excellent papers and very good discussions. The papers will come on-line after 6 to 9 months.
    Also the special BSI Symposium was very well received.
    It is very difficult to judge which paper was the most interesting, because that depends very much on your interest. But overall, the technical/scientific level of the IISW is growing every time, making this event an absolutely must-attend workshop.
    The pictures taken during the free time at the workshop will be posted soon, also on
    IISW2011 will be organized in the Far East. A.T.


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