Monday, June 22, 2009

Omnivision Announces 1.75um BSI Sensors

Yahoo: Omnivision introduced 1.75um OmniBSI family consists of a 5MP OV5650 RAW sensor for mobile phone high resolution cameras, and the 2MP OV2665 SoC. The new devices combine the low-light sensitivity of greater than 1400m V/(lux-sec) and a 2x improvement in SNR, with the industry's lowest stack height for today's ultra-slim mobile phones.

The pixel performance of the 1/3.2" 5MP OV5650 enables high frame rate HD video at 60 fps with 10b parallel port or two-lane MIPI and has 256 bytes of available on-chip memory for image tuning. The 1/5" 2MP OV2665 SoC device provides parallel or single lane MIPI interface and incorporates ISP with features such as lens correction, auto exposure, auto white balance, and auto flicker.

Both the OV5650 and OV2665 are currently sampling with volume production slated for the second half of calendar 2009.


  1. Light sensitivity looks like its more important than size.

    BTW, did you catch the EEtimes teardown report on the iPhone 3Gs? OV supplies the camera. Its a 3MP with great light sensitivity (OP3-HS).

  2. Actually, the rumor that Omnivision supplies sensors for iPhone 3G has been around for few months:

    You are right, I should post that now this rumor is confirmed.

  3. Anyone figure out what the part number is that Apple is using?
    3647 and 3650 are the RAW sensors and both are OP3HS. The 3640 is just OP3 and the 3642 is True Focus, OP3HS and big chip.
    I'm guessing 3647 because is has been available longer.


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