Monday, June 01, 2009

Tessera Discusses WLC Solutions

I-Micronews publishes Tessera executives interview by Yole. Giles Humpston, Director of Research and Development, and Bents Kidron responsible for marketing and business development for all wafer level technologies at Tessera, talk about WLC camera challenges and solutions.

Tessera tells why first generation WLC is not really wafer level integrated. Rather, Tessera makes the optical train at the separate wafer, dice it into individual optical stacks then conduct die-to-wafer assembly to build camera modules.

This is because the optical area of an imager die is very much smaller than the die area because of the other electronics each chip contains. The result is a mismatch in population between the lens wafers and the semiconductor wafers; a 200m diameter lens wafer being able to accommodate about 4 times as many lenses as an imager wafer containing VGA resolution die. So, it is not economically feasible to make everything on the same wafer, at least, not in Tessera's view.

The interview also has many other interesting claims. Thanks to J.B. for sending me the link.

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