Monday, June 22, 2009

Omnivision 3MP in iPhone 3G

EETimes posted Portelligent findings from iPhone 3G reverse engineering that Apple uses Omnivision 3MP sensor in its phone.


  1. Will the iPod be getting a camera soon?

  2. yes, still OV. In the future, only OV...

    I don't want to buy iphone or ipod any more... really weak camera...

  3. Anyone know if it's TrueFocus? The link only points to the 3mp product page at

    I haven't seen curvilinear distortion in any pictures, something that TrueFocus fixes. Also, the auto macro mode is extremely fast, seamless really. I haven't seen this ability in any DSCs much less cell phones. This is also something that TrueFocus would do well.

  4. Here's a teardown picture

    The module looks conventional to me. Also, I've played with the camera and its not EDoF.

  5. What makes it look conventional?

  6. It's hard to see at this picture's scale, but the lens appears to be attached to AF motor. Also, part of the module looks like covered by metal shield, typical for AF-motorized modules.

  7. another rumor said next iphone will equit OV 5M senosr as well with MEMS AF actuator by end of the year. More precise focus capability comparing with 3M VCM.

  8. What does the AF motor look like? Why are AF motorized modules typically covered by a metal shield?


  9. Most AF camera modules rely on voice coil motor these days. One example of such a motor is given here:

    I'm not sure why VCM camera module uses metal parts. In theory, I think, it can be plastic and have just permanent magnet and a coil. However, all VCM modules I've seen have metal shield.

  10. Thanks for that lesson!

    Could there any other explanation for the screws other than AF guiding rods?

    Does this teardown pic help?

    OK, one thing that's messing with me is that since there are so many thick handsets, 0.4"+, like the iPhone around, why haven't we seen one with a seamless auto macro mode?

    Thanks as usual!

  11. Not only AF module have metal shield, some fixed focus module has it too. The metal shielding is ground connected ,mainly for EMI shielding.
    For those screws, my guess is for rounding purpose as well.


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